Be prepared…

Than boy scout motto seems to be the saviour for us from time to time: you see, we have always quite an arsenal of stuff with us both in competitions and on normal -longer- walkies. The competition set has everything from emergency first aid material to pliers and cutters in case the muzzle breaks. Hopefully we never have to use them, but you never know. The walkies first aid kit is just for the emergencies, and it’s a bit lighter version of the competition one: then again, in the competitions there is always a veterinarian available, so the need for anything more than the basic bandages is exaggeration.

As it happens, Lady Luck has her ways on evening things out. Our dogs were victorious during the weekend, so it was time to bring us down to the earth again. My wife took the three competing ones to a light and short walk to the woods to help the recovery from the competition. As if they really needed it, as they were so active and alive already… Never the less, even though the dogs don’t show that they are sore from the activity, they need to move to keep the muscles recovering and ‘pumping’ the excessive waste from the muscles. The lactic acid and it’s burned out residues don’t just dissipate from the muscle, but they have to be transferred to the blood stream from which they are filtered to urine.

So off to the woods they went. And from the woods they returned after some 10-15 minutes, during which time the following happened:

1. Fiona, the first time competitor, was constantly on the move, trying to find a prey to chase: something she had already done earlier, but this time she was completely out of control.
2. The older dogs, Ness and Zaida, also were extremely active, taking the cue of the youngster. So they roamed around the woods with way more speed and energy than was needed.
3. As it happens, Ness got a deep cut in his paw.

So, one cut and off to the vet, blood dripping from the foot.

Sole of one toe was cut cleanly for about 2/3 of the whole sole, to the depth of about half a centimeter. It took a sedation and seven stitches to repair the damage, after which the foot was bandaged so that it looks like the big feller has a boxing glove on his foot…

So, the next two weeks are very, very quiet for Ness, after which we have to start the fitness building almost from nothing. First the kennel cough, then the first foot cut (cut a blood vessel in the foot that time…) and now this. I’m beginning to wonder whether we’ve been too lucky so far and lady luck is really trying to even things out.

It takes time, and patience, but in the end, it pays to be prepared.

Have you checked your first aid kit? How about your dog’s kit?