Spring brings all things up

Hello. Sorry for not blogging for such a long time: last year, 2011, was very hard for us, and thus I had no strength to blog about the sport I love so much.

However, now things are quite different. In about a month the second lure-coursing competition of the season will take place and I will be performing my last judge training before the final evaluation, after which I will be able to judge lure-coursing events in Finland.

Pretty excited about that, really.

That doesn’t mean that I would not be doing what I have done over the past few years: weekly lure-coursing trainings in our local lc club for some 40-50 dogs a day, working and helping in lure-coursing events and discussing with people about dogs and training in general. Lovely hobby keeps us going in the daily toil.

Hopefully I can come up with things to share with you over this season.

Hello again, and welcome back to myself. 😀