As with all people I know owning Irish Wolfhounds -or any other sighthound, for the matter- we started our collection with one male. After a while we got another, bitch this time, which was more of a rescue case. And before we knew we had four. And then even five.

Now our pack consists of four again. Two Irish Wolfhounds, two Scottish Deerhounds. Great grey ones, Cu Faoíl. Our kennel name is Mo Ghrá, My Beloved. However, it seems that the first litter will be from the deerhounds, as our wolfhounds are now our grand old lady, 12.5 years of age and youngster male of 1/2 years of age.

Our main interest lies in these magnificient “gentle giants” and the grand exercise of lure-coursing: there is nothing more graceful and magnificient than to see the great big dogs chasing the prey on an open field, with their all interest pointed to the single aim.

To be fast enough to catch the lure.

Our dogs Were quite successful in Finnish lure coursing trials over the years, and our male even won the European Championship 2008 in Sweden. In this blog I will be writing about my thoughts about the training, lure coursing, training and everything related to those subjects, whenever there comes something interesting enough to write about. And when I refer to us in the text, that means us humans in our pack: me, my wife and our kids.

The dogs are special and thus mentioned separately. As of now, I’m unemployed and trying to find a way to make the ends meet. That’s why I added the donations-button. If you like what you see, please feel generous and let me know, that I need to work for the blog with more intensity! Thank you!