First snow

First snow has landed here in Finland. It’s time for amazing discoveries for the puppy, which has not yet experienced snow in any form. Our Paddy the Irish goes around the yard, sniffing and poking around, pushing the branches and darting away from falling snow released by the curious nose.

The older ones couldn’t care less. Sure, there are smells, strong ones, coming from beneath the thin snow cover, which our Breas still finds fascinating. But he loses interest in them quite fast now, as he’s already 4 years old.

But for the puppy. I’m waiting for a proper snow cover before I take my camera out to get good shots. Maybe I will get a similar photo out of Paddy, darting across the white yard, as I did of Brydie (deerhound) years ago.


Lodhainn Brydie on the move!

Or a flying Irishman, like I got from Breas the Deerhound.


Breas, it flies!


Oh, I’m looking forward to winter proper. Do you?


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