Aim of training

Now that we have popped open the can of worms considering training, let’s go deeper.

Sure, training itself implies that we are trying to get into a situation that we – or in this case, our dog – performs and recovers better. Let’s put an emphasis on that: training is aiming to improve certain traits required to compete better.

Like a good friend of mine said, if you really want to compete and train, every time you go out with the dog you know what you are going to train. Every. Time.

Let it be obedience, socialization or actual training for running. Every time you take your dog out, you have an agenda. That is training.

If you just go for a walkie in the woods is not necessarily training, unless it happens to be the ‘rest day’ between interval training or strength training.

Like I noted in an earlier post, we have three seasons in training. Think about the requirements of the season and plan at least a week ahead: when the harder training, when rest. When you are pushing the dog to the limit with speed or endurance, when you rest and do the maintenance – rest, swimming, massage, osteopathy, you name it. And then some rest more.

Plan your aim of the training. Speed requires different kind of training than endurance.

Plan ahead. Aim the training.



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