Run for fun

Couple of days ago the Irish Wolfhound Club of Finland arranged an unofficial lure coursing event for it’s members. This event is mainly for the dogs without official coursing license, even though some dogs with license attend to it. Only to show how the job should be done.

The weather was excellent: crisp autumn temperatures, some strong wind across the field and sun shining from cloudless sky. Best weather for any dog to run!


Can’t get any better than this, (c) Sanna Salomaa 2016

All in all we saw some 20+ dogs run the short, about 350 m long lure coursing track, some of which were not Irish Wolfhounds. Dogs had fun even after the ‘prize ceremonies’, as our lure operator wanted to show the rod lure to them. As it happens, playing with a lure attached to a long pole seemed to be more fun than running away from mommy or daddy on the field! Especially the younger ones found this more exciting than the one on the fields.

Hopefully at least some of these fine wolfhounds – and especially their owners – got bitten by lure coursing. It would be great to see more wolfhounds in Finnish events, as the number of participants has gone down to few every now and then.

And as I have talked about pack coursing, we had one special pack start in the event. A pack consisting of three generations of dogs: daughter, mother and grandmother, performing as one team! And they did very, VERY well as a pack, switching their position, changing the lead and finally all stayed at the lure after the ‘kill’. Just marvelous performance!


Three generations pack coursing, (c) Marko Salomaa 2016



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