New year is dawning

Year changed all of a sudden. Thank you all friends for your greetings and warm wishes, I’m sorry I haven’t responded. I’m kind of a slacker on those kinds of things, you see.

I suppose the new year has gotten me to write again. It’s not a New Year’s resolution or anything, just something that clicked while I was having two weeks of vacation around Christmas: I like to write.

We have a lovely winter in here, some 15-25 cm snow everywhere. The negative side of a great winter weather is the fact that there is also some freezing temperatures involved, recently as low as -25 deg C (this year’s record in Finland is -36 …), which somehow slows down the walkies with the dogs: I think anything below -15 warrants the fact that the dog shouldn’t be exercised, that is, made run. Especially these deep chested breeds are pretty susceptible to respiratory inflammations, so let’s be careful out there.

Anyhow, I’ll be active again. Not daily, maybe weekly posts about things that make me wonder in the dog world… and hopefully even something about lure-coursing and training, too!


2 thoughts on “New year is dawning

  1. so fine to read you again! few weeks ago we had about -15°C and it felt cold … yes, i think it is better to rest at those temperatures. i can’t imagine a walk at -36°C!

  2. It is hard to have to curb exercise for the active breeds in really wintery conditions. Drives one indoors, forcing owners to get creative with stimulation. Granted you would need quite a bit more room than I.

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