Long silence

It seems I haven’t been updating the blog as often as I should. Biggest part of this is due to the fact that the season in here is over and the life is more or less the same routine with the walkies and feeding as ever. Everyone with dogs lives the same way in their own life. Though the current hunting season has changed our walkies quite a bit due to the fact that our normal routes are around the most active hunting areas in the neighbourhood.

This being said, the updates may come every now and then, but I will not put up nor work with a set schedule.

Thank you all for commenting and visiting: keep visiting, because you never know what or when something might pop up.


2 thoughts on “Long silence

  1. same here – coursing season is over. maybe we will enter a snowcoursing – but nothing is fixed now. time to come down, relax and think about the last year. 😉

    p.s.: i have your blog in my RSS-reader.

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