Supplementing nutrition

I wonder if wolves or african wild dogs have their own supply for electrolytes and nutritional supplements, because they are hunting in real (running for their life, in fact) and still around after several thousands of years after their emergence on Earth.

Or has this hairless descendant of monkey done something really wrong, causing the poor domesticated dog to be more or less dependant on nutritional supplements?

Or, in addition to the earlier question, is this hairless monkey doing the wrong things with their best friend and creating a situation in which the dog -whose best friend this monkey called human should be- is in fact dependant on the care…?

Just wondering. Too much care and caretaking may well be damaging in the long run.


2 thoughts on “Supplementing nutrition

  1. even the “hairless monkey” (thanks for this!) belives in electrolytes – artificial, of course … and vitamines, atrificial … for itselfe.

    if i think about, what i was eating and drinking, when i trained for my first (and only) marathon! but it was written in professional journals, that i should do so. now i would run with applejuice with water and – bananas (the monkey, you know …) and i don’t read runner’s magazines, i just run.

    • How come the african long distance runners come up without the specific nutritional requirements? How on earth can the animals in the wild survive without breaking themselves without additional supplementation?

      The nutritional supplementing in the western world comes sadly from the fact that we eat too raffinated food and try to best the nature in many ways. That’s my honest opinion, but still I am the lazy, selfish, enjoyment craving hairless primate… Go figure.

      The added nutritional requirements for dogs, in my honest opinion, comes from the fact that a) they are not in good enough condition, b) they are not fed well enough (nutrition wise) and c) they are put into huge strain in racing/coursing event without proper training. Sure, a greyhound or a whippet which are bred for racing only may require something extra, but only because they are breaking the limits of their physical performance: much like the worlds top human athletes. I doubt that the poacher in earlier days would have given electrolytes to his dog after a hunt: good if the dog got the bite off of the hare.

      The need comes from the need to achieve and break records. This requires extra effort and ‘magic’, which is taken from the bottle nowadays. That’s my opinion.

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