Popular posts

Here is the list of the most popular posts I’ve written, with some commentary. I have also activated the rating function for the posts, so please rate the posts so I can see what you think of them!

To warm up: How and why to warm up for a lure-coursing event.

To cool down: How and why to cool down from a lure-coursing trial.

Dog doesn’t need excercise, right?: All dogs are equal and require breed specific amount of excercise.

Breed specific excercise needs: More about the excercise issue.

The holy triangle for a healthy dog: It’s all about basics. And moderation. And rest, of course.

Why the dog doesn’t run?: My thoughts about issues why a dog doesn’t run in a lure-coursing event. Or race.

Heatwave and Heat is going on: some thoughts about heat, it’s effect on a dog and cooling down them in warm weather.

There are more posts I could bring up, but these are among the top 20 posts read so far. Majority of the top20 are lure-coursing event reports (especially EM-09) and contain very little real reading.

For the final thought: Expectations of the owners. Just to keep our feet on the ground with the hobby!


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