European Sighthound ranking initiative

There is a new initiative to have a concise sighthound ranking in Europe and the website can be found here.

While I see this as an admirable and quite ambitious initiative, for me this represents the dog owners need to excel over others. In sighthound racing this is quite normal, where the dog is mainly the tool to achievement – in greyhound racing especially.

For me the lure-coursing has a different meaning: the competition is just a side product of the main thing, to see the dogs run and do what they have been originally bred for.

The more I think of it, the competition part is what makes it difficult to enjoy the actual lure-coursing event: if you visit a lure-coursing training or an informal event the overall feel of the event is completely different from an official lure-coursing competition or event. The people are more relaxed, fun and not too confined in their own scheming (and planning the dog’s performance beforehand). However, in certain breeds of sighthounds the competition mentality is more apparent than in others and certain breeds have been created only for racing (take greyhound or whippet as an example of this).

But for Irish Wolfhound… Irish Wolfhound is a poor tool for a competitive minded people. Or a perfect one, for there is so little competition in national level that with just a few additional walkies a week you can ‘compete’ with a high level of success.

I’ve seen a question concerning this. What is a win over 3 competitors worth comparing the win over 30 or 50? My counter question is simple:

What does the dog understand about the winning or why is he celebrated one time and shunned the other after a completed trial?

Never the less, the initiative is admirable and I wish all the success to it! As long as it doesn’t become the owners’ bragging ground and/or sole basis for breeding.

The dog’s health and longevity should come first.



2 thoughts on “European Sighthound ranking initiative

  1. hi jorma!

    good point(s) of view and i understand, what you are “afraid of”. i heard it from others in different way, without knowing from this database. the argument was: since there are CACIL’s at coursings, it is not as relaxed as earlier …

    my opinion is, it is more relaxing to be at a coursing, because you don’t know, how “good” your hound was. you get notice of it, when you can see the points and it needs time to get this information. at the track you can see, how fast = “good” your hound was at the moment he reaches the finish.

    i think, you can’t do anything against overambitious persons. they will try to win, if they can get just a cup or just a piece of paper. you can see such persons even in showbiz. you can find guys, beeing at a show nearby every weekend and they are collecting titles, they don’t “need” anymore. you can find guys with puppies with 10 or more “very promissing” …

    for me the database is interesting for breeding. i can find showresults every week. but that’s something i am not interested in. i think, we have similar opinions about showbiz …

    how can i find coursing irish wolfhounds? of course i know coursing irish wolfhounds from austria. and i saw some coursing irish wolfhounds at the EM. but i KNOW, there are MORE of them! and i wanna find them. for my ideas of breeding it is not interesting, if the irish is “the best one in europe” or the “best one in austria”. i wanna get information from every coursing irish wolfhound in europe to have a choice for breeding! i am sure, this database can help.

    maybe the system is not perfect now. i am sure, it is not. i think, it can’t be perfect, but maybe it will be better, if we have some clubs and see things, we could not see in the beta-testings. maybe it makes sense to divide by the number of competitions? let’s talk about!

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