Writer’s block

I’ve hit the wall with the topics to write about. I’ve tried to come up with something relevant to say, but my mind is void and empty.

I think there are several reasons to this: vacation’s over, dog’s haven’t been competing, I’ve covered the basics and there haven’t been any questions or comments from which to see if I’m even heading to the right direction.

Most important thing is -I think- that I haven’t found the ‘voice’ of this blog: I have no direction where to head. I don’t want to turn this into a rambling about our dogs, the competitions or the competitors. That would be fruitless. Nor do I want to turn this into a picture blog, there are other places for walls of pictures of cute -and not so cute- Irish Wolfhounds from side, back, front, lying and standing.

One thing I haven’t meddled with yet is the nutrition and feeding of a competing IW. This is the hardest part, as you cannot give direct guidelines how the dog should be fed. But I’m digging for some information about this issue, too, and will post about it later on.

So the big question is, what would YOU, dear reader, want to learn more about Irish Wolfhounds, lure-coursing, competing and gear?


6 thoughts on “Writer’s block

  1. Hello Jorma

    I like your Blog so much, you know I understand English but speaking and write…….its a Problem.
    It is nice to read about other Thoughts and Opinions.

    Please do it again…:-))

    • Silke, you speak splendid english! Do not underestimate yourself. We all lack some vocabulary and that’s quite understandable when you aren’t using the language all the time!

      I will come up with something, as I stated in the earlier comment. You just take care of your new baby, Runen!

  2. when i started my wolfhound blog years ago – i had the fear, that the day will come, when i don’t know, what to write. this day never came … o.k., there are times i don’t wanna write anything – but there are so many themes … my blog is about wolfhound, not only coursing, so it is easier.

    maybe you wanna show some interesting litters/stud dogs/breeders?

    feeding is a “hot theme”. πŸ™‚

    maybe you will bring coursing-dates – a calender?

    few weeks ago i had a nice discussion with iw-breeder with main-theme show. she told me, an irish has to be able to trot – i agree. she told me, an irish has to be able to trot long distances – i agree. we don’t agree in “what is the right trot”. but we had a funny idea: lets make a new kind of competition: trotting with the irish wolfhound for a long distance and THAN the coursing. πŸ˜‰

    • In a way I’ve trying to find subjects which I have noticed to be lacking in the lure-coursing scene (like warming up and cooling down, of which I have more information now… hmm…) to help as varied group of dog owners as possible. I’ve been kind of neglecting the IW only information, because to put my finger on that pot of porridge most certainly would mark me as one or another: as you may have noticed, I tend to have pretty strong opinions about things and that isn’t too well accepted in certain circles… πŸ˜›

      About the trot: I would like to see an extreme lure-coursing event which would be along the distances over 1km till 5km. Why? I presume that the ‘ancient breed of wolfhounds’ -hunting on their own- have chased the prey to exhaustion and attacked when the prey has been too tired to defend itself. This would truly show the endurance and the functionality of the current stock we have, and the only dogs which could take part on this kind of endeavor are those which are already trained/exercised to be in great health. Like the participants of EM Lure-Coursing.

      The trot, the way I see it, should be long, easy and gaining. Too often you see short and tense gait in the shows, and even the lure-coursing dogs seem to lack the easy gaining trot outside the actual trials. The dog should be able to vary the speed of the trot, too, without losing the apparent ease and lightness of the movement.

      Enough of that. πŸ˜›

      Good to notice that at least some of the visitors read and comment, even though you have been #1 commenter all the time, Margot!

  3. Hello Jorma,

    I have been reading this blog for some months now, and look here every couple of days. I don not comment very often in general (as you may already have noticed by my number of entries in the international forum) , but I want to tell you how much I like your blog, there is so much information in your texts, so many thoughts and interesting things, I really appreciate this! Feeding is a very interesting issue, and I am sure you will come up with other issues concerning lure coursing IWs.There are so many subjects! By the way, more information about warming up and cooling down sounds interesting!
    So I can just say: please, continue!

    • Oh, don’t worry, I won’t stop: I’m just short of topics which I feel comfortable with. Like our physiotherapist, who also trains greyhounds said: if someone claims to know how to train a greyhound, he hasn’t even grasped the basics yet. So I’ve come to notice how little I really know and how much there is to learn… And I think that is the biggest lesson there is to learn!

      I will write, maybe even today.

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