EM report #4

The prize ceremonies came and went, and the long day turned into an early morning. For us the day gave the best and the worst, though. Our bitch’s foot didn’t endure the stress and she quit the trial after a great start.

Ness, EM Champion 2008, had to yield: third place was way beyond our dreams on the dog’s category, and as the first place went to another Finnish dog (Jaslane’s Fabiola), the celebrations just went on.

Next year in France? At least the planning has been started already!


5 thoughts on “EM report #4

  1. sorry, that the paw didn’t stand the stress. some injuries are that way: trial and error. best wishes, she will be back again, i am sure.

    congrats to place three of dogs. place three is a very good placement, ask me. 😉

    next time we will stay longer. we did an 24h-trip and start to relaxe now …

    here are my pics: http://gallery.me.com/maredi#100023/

    hope, to see more pics, my camera is poor.

  2. Sorry to hear that your fierce hounds did not repeat their performance of last year C!

    However, If I read it correctly (and I haven’t read all blog posts) then his performance was still quite an achievement! Congratulations for that!

    Hope Zaida will be ok!

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!


    • Thank you for the congratulations, Adrie! It surely was an achievement of the best kind, after only three weeks of being able to take long walkies and sprints in the forrest to the third place in the hardest competition there is for the lure-coursing hounds.

      Thank you all for the congratulations: we’re still recovering from the amazement and surprise!

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