EM coming nearer

THe EM Lure-Coursing event in Mariánské Lázně is closing fast: in fact, I just realized that we have to start driving on Tuesday next week to get there in time! That’s only a week from now!

Loads of things to do as a human participant, and it feels that there is not much to do for the dogs to be in any better condition than they are right now. The competitive side of me is screaming at the back of my head, but the reasonable, intelligent me is just shrugging his shoulders and letting it be.

After all, I do not see my dogs as tools for my personal prestige, nor a tool to gain any extra appreciation from my peers. I want to experience the atmosphere and unity of the competition once again, the feeling of belonging into the Team. The dogs will do what they can and will in the track, and there is neigh I can do if they decide that it’s boring to run.

What can I do then? Keep the exercise at reasonable level, maybe add some sprint training into the mix. Maybe even take them to a practise, who knows. But as the Lure Coursing is not a race about who runs fastest, there is quite little to do on that area, too. A the saying goes, the speed comes from the genes, the endurance and general fitness from the regular exercise: I can only work with one, having a little effect on the other.

With all this, I have to calm down, write down a list of things to remember and plan on how to get the kids to their grandparents…

Quite a lot to do, actually.

While the dogs take it easy.


4 thoughts on “EM coming nearer

  1. i am getting nervous now, too. 🙂 for me it is the first coursing-EM and i am really curious now! have a good journey! we will leave on friday it is just 3 hours away from us …

    • You are in a lucky situation in the sense that you can keep your dog’s exercises up until the very last day: we, on the other hand, are forced to keep the dogs’ on leash and confined to the camper for almost a week before the competition! Talk about competitive advantage!

      Anyhow, the main thing is the atmosphere of the event, which was so great in Sweden last year that we wanted to come again. Once you have set your foot into this kind of events, you will want to take part in as many of them as possible. I could make a bet that when you’re driving home from there, you’ll be planning on the next years event already… I know we did last year!

  2. i know, marathon is something different, but when i trained my marathon, the plan was, nearly doing nothing the last week … so, i think, your hounds will get really grazy for the lure after some days on the leash! 😉

    this year it is our advantage, to be so near at the EM-area, right. but next two years are far away for us … let’s see, how great the addiction becomes …

    and now i go jogging with lilly. it is becoming hot today, too …

    • Marathon and sprint are two quite different things: for the sprint just a day without exercise is enough for the body to recover. For marathon… the last good speed run should be about 3-4 days before the event, and then only fraction of the distance.

      I still think you have the competitive edge on your side, if we were to compete in earnest! 😛

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