Monday diary post

Thus far my entries have been pretty much on a topic: this is the first, though not the last ‘diary type’ posting I’ll make in this blog. The reason? I’ve covered the crude basics in the earlier posts, so now it’s time to move on.

Last week was merely recovering our male, Ness, from his paw injury: seven stitches in one toe is enough to keep this guy reasonably still for a couple of weeks still. However, the less he may move, the more he has energy and stamina to actually run! Which makes the normal visit to the yard an adventure at the best, a nightmare at the worst, when he bursts out of the door with the rest of the pack! Then again, when on leash, he acts like the gentleman he is: no pulling, no stretching the handler’s arms.

Due to my work and other activities, I haven’t been on the longer walks lately: my wife, however has done some with the bitches. Much to her annoyance, the girls are even more active than before. Maybe the fact that the ‘alpha male’ (Ness, not me) is lacking gives them the ‘right’ to be more active.

Their longer walk in the forest on Sunday was an excellent example of that. The girls ran to and from for the first two and half hours before they settled even remotely to a ‘manageable pace’ and were anywhere near to be controlled! The leader of this activity was the youngest one, our one year old Duana, who certainly is going to have a some kind of lure coursing/running career ahead of her.

If she stays fit and doesn’t break herself with all the fuzz and fury…  But as long as she’s regulating her own movement and exercise, she’ll be fine.

But you never know about the accidents that are bound to happen when the dog’s roam on their own in the woods. 

You can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst.


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