Suomi Cup 2009 results

Suomi Cup, an invitational competition for the best performing lure-coursing dogs of the former year, was run today in Lieto, Finland. The results for Irish Wolfhounds were (official name – nickname – points (max. 600)):

1. Wolfmann Negredo – Ness – 446
2. Ethneanibhaloir – Zaida – 434
3. Gemmish Boudicca – Randi – 433
4. Wusillus Amicus Magnus – Hukka – 405
5. Frag’arach Von Den Erzminen – Justus – 206
6. Jaslane’s Fabiola – Täppä – 195

Only the first four got to run in the finals: the qualifier points were 220 from the first trial.

In honesty’s name, we went to the competition to check our dog’s fitness after 3 months of kennel cough during the beginning of this year, when our Ness was pretty close to dying: a fact we have come to realize only later. We think our dogs (Ness and Zaida) were not at their best fit, as this is the first competition for them for the year, so we’re more than happy and pretty much dumbfounded by these results!

Congratulations to all participants: after all, all the dogs were among the cream of the crop of all Finnish lure-coursing Irish Wolfhounds during year 2008, so the competition was fierce. To put it mildly.

The track was very demanding on the dog’s stamina, and the rain which dominated the competition didn’t make it any easier. All the dogs ran to their best ability, which under the circumstances was an amazing feat, as no dog was injured.

And the best part -in addition to the fact that all dog’s were uninjured after the day- is that everyone had fun: the dog’s, the owners and the spectators! 

Let’s hope tomorrow’s competition with first timers and newcomers proves to be as fine an occasion as today!


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