Typical walkie

Had a typical walkie with the dogs the other day. Typical meaning that we went to the forest and the dogs ran freely for the whole time. Typical in the way that I walked for a 1.5 hours. Typical that it was over 7 km in length for me.

Typical walkie for the dogs too, if I’m not counting the fact that the three of them who were with me took of to the woods at least three times to chase something I didn’t see. Saw only one big bird which they chased, though I couldn’t but laugh to the poor dogs who still don’t get it that they cannot catch a bird by running.

Untypical, though, because they took off the first time after only 10 minutes of walking. This is the part that scares me: the dogs take on chasing without proper warming up and tear their muscles. That is a lesson I don’t want to give my dogs, for whom the chasing should be fun, rewarding and -during the training season- should only enhance the chasing instinct by not resulting a catch.

Typical walkies this time. 

How is your typical walkies?


2 thoughts on “Typical walkie

  1. I really enjoyed your blogs. From time to time I’ve thought about lure coursing for my hyperactive Lab, I’ve occasionally watched competitions on TV and they look like a lot of fun.

    • Actually, they are a lot of fun especially when you see how excited and on the moment the dogs really are. Our club had an unofficial training yesterday, and it was incredibly interesting to see different breeds taking the short course we had over there: the smallest podengo’s were the fiercest on the lure, and the basenji’s seemed to gain extra pair of legs while chasing!

      You should definitely try it someday: maybe some local club will have a sort of open lure-coursing training?

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